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All Acqua Electronics and Magna Products purchased from GaD Electronics or an authorized reseller are warranted, subject to limitations and exceptions defined herein, against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of shipment from the GaD Electronics factory.  
During this five-year period, GaD Electronics will repair or replace any covered component or system found to be defective at no charge to the purchaser except freight costs to and from the repair facility.
This warranty does not apply to equipment which in the judgment of GaD Electronics has been subjected to misuse, accidental or intentional damage, or has been installed in a manner or under conditions other than those expected in a normal television studio application.  
This warranty is also void if the equipment has been modified (unless such modification has been expressly approved in writing by GaD Electronics or where the serial number has been removed, defaced or changed.
Exceptions to this warranty are: products or assemblies, including applicable software, sold by GaD Electronics but manufactured by others where warranty coverage, if any, is that of the manufacturer; and component parts that have been discontinued by their manufacturer(s) or are no longer available through normal distribution channels.
Warranty on GaD Electronics software and custom-designed hardware shall be limited to two years from the date of shipment.  Notwithstanding the above limitations, GaD Electronics  may, at its sole discretion, extend warranty coverage on any software or hardware item beyond these stated limits on a case-by-case basis.
This warranty is in lieu of all others expressed or implied, and no representative or person other than a corporate officer of GaD Electronics, Llc. is authorized to assume any liability other than that expressed herein on behalf of GaD Electronics, Llc.
GaD Electronics  accepts no liability for loss of service, loss of revenue, or any special or consequential damages that may arise from the failure or malfunctions of its products.
​Defective products or components should only be returned to the GaD Electronics repair facility after receiving a Return Authorization and shipping instructions. 


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