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Qligent Record Compliance Logging And Archive Tools


Qligent Vision provides recording and archiving tools for every feed you monitor, from off-air, cable and satellite, to the last mile. Resolution, frame-rate and bitrate is user-definable for each program feed, as is the length of time recordings are stored in the system. Whether you are recording for compliance verification, keeping tabs on your competition for competitive insight, or monitoring the quality of the viewer’s experience at the edge is a snap with Qligent Vision. Qligent Record is a compliance recording solution, linked to a daily playout schedule, which adds logging and streaming of media programs with comprehensive metadata search capabilities to your landscape.


  • Leveraging the infinite scalability of Cloud deployment and the power of BigData technologies, Qligent products are ready for networks of all sizes – from single station to national and worldwide, we provide our customers with affidavit and compliance reporting for regulators and advertisers across multiplatform content delivery.

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