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The Multi Displayer MD2000-16H is a multi-channel monitoring system which allows viewing of up to 16 video channels. Versatile and functional, the MD2000-16H supports HDMI inputs with two HDMI output. The features of the MD2000-16H include video quality monitoring, audio level monitoring, audio sound, signal probing (A/V), multi-screen layouts, and graphic displays.

The MD2000-16H is designed for broadcasters, content providers, and telco’s monitoring multiple channels on one screen. The NMS allows users to configure alarms and settings as needed. The NMS can control up to 32 units locally or remotely.  


    • 16 3G / HD / SD SDI inputs with Autodetection
    • Different multi display layouts
    • Audio level extraction from Embedded SDI signals and monitoring
    • Video loss and freeze detection
    • Audio mute (loss) and over level detection
    • Clock, date, logo and signal ID insertion
    • User defined alarm thresholds and latencies
    • Alarm logging
    • Remote access, confirguration and operation through SNMP and NMS software
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