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MD-ED44 is a 4 channel in, 4 channel out, AES/EBU digital audio embedder and de embedder capable of performing both tasks simultaneously.
Operates with 3G, HD and SD SDI signals auto detecting the input standard and accommodating the internal response to the input format and frequency.
In the Embedding mode digital audio input is inserted into the SDI signal according to the detected standard; meanwhile, in the de embedder mode it is extracted and converted to AES/EBU maintaining the same resolution in both cases.
Prior to the insertion and extraction processes the SDI input signal is equalized to compensate up to 140 meters (3G), 200 meters (HD) or 400 meters (SD) of high performance cable losses and reclocked to minimize its jitter.
There is a versatile routing matrix prior to the embedding stage in order to allow different available audio sources (either the present at the inputs or the already embedded in the incoming SDI stream) to be inserted into any group and pair according to the user’s requirement.
To compensate for eventual Lip Sync issues each audio pair can be delayed independently; mSec or video field steps can be chosen through the menu.

​As all members of our modular line, for full operation, this unit has to be plugged into one AE-MFx series main frame, occupying one of the five available slots.


    • Simultaneous Embedding and De Embedding
    • SDI input automatic standard detection, compatible with SMPTE 424M (2.97 Mb/s), SMPTE 292M (1.485 Gb/s) and SMPTE 259M (270 Mb/s)
    • Equalization and reclocking processes
    • Embedded / De Embedded audio processing as per SMPTE 425M, SMPTE 299M, SMPTE 272M and RP 168
    • Embedding and De Embedding to/from any group and channel pair
    • 4 inputs and 4 outputs of AES/EBU digital audio, i.e. 8 mono channels in each case
    • Highly versatile output embedding matrix (available audio signals routing to different pairs)
    • 10 bit video processing and 24 bit audio processing (20 or 24 in SD)
    • Programmable audio delay, in a per channel basis, up to 170 mSec or 8 frames​
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