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MD-AU06 / MD-AU07

MD-AU06 and MD-AU07 are high performance AES/EBU distributors designed for broadcast and professional applications.

MD-AU06 complies with AES-3id / SPTE276M (unbalanced 75 Ω) while MD-AU07 with AES-3 / IEC958 (balanced 110 Ω).

Both equalize and reclock input signal for later delivering 6 outputs.

Equalizing circuitry compensates for cable losses up to 1500 meters (almost 1 mile) of high quality coax in the MD-AU06 and 100 ft (305 m) balanced line in the MD-AU07.

Optionally, a broad range high performance Sample Rate Converter can be installed to transcode among sampling frequencies.

​As all members of our modular line, for full operation, this unit has to be plugged into one AE-MFx series main frame, occupying one of the five available slots.

MD-AU06 / MD-AU07

    • 6 equalized and re-clocked outputs
    • Input and Output Unbalanced Digital Audio, AES-3id / SPTE276M compliant (MD-AU06)
    • Input and Output Balanced Digital Audio, AES-3 / IEC958 compliant (MD-AU07)
    • Sample frequencies: 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 KHz
    • Sample Rate Converter (optional)​
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