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MA-AV21 /MA-AV31

2/3 Input Video and Stereo Audio Switcher


MA-AV21 is a broadcast quality 2 input video and balanced stereo audio switcher.

Video switching is achieved during the vertical interval with front panel button input selection or, when enabled by the menu, it may automatically switch to the auxiliary input when video absence is detected.

Audio switch is performed clickless and may operate following video (AFV) or independently (AFV breakaway).  

To add flexibility and allow for seamless switching, a wide range dB calibrated level control stage (one per input per channel) is added before the output amplifier. 
Pre set levels are transferred when switching to the desired input.

MA-AV31 adds an extra input with the same specs; auto switch feature may be programmed to roll over the three inputs (eg. failing #1 goes to 2, failing #2 goes to 3) or to set a fixed auxiliary (eg. failing # 1 or #2 goes to 3).

​As all members of our modular line, for full operation, this unit has to be plugged into one AE-MFx series main frame, occupying one of the five available slots.

MA-AV21 /MA-AV31

    • Broadcast quality video and stereo audio switch
    • Two (MA-AV21) and three (MA-AV31) input versions
    • Programmable Change Over operation
    • Vertical Interval switching
    • Video absence detector
    • Excellent bandwidth
    • Very Low distortion
    • Clickless audio switch
    • Independent (per input, per channel), dB calibrated, audio level control
    • Audio Follows Video and Audio Follows Video Breakaway operation​
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