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The EN-91 is a ultra-low delay AVC (H.264) high definition encoder. Ultra-low delay mode requires the use of Adtec's RD-71 IRD and delivers picture-to-picture services in 100 milliseconds! The EN-91 standard delay mode is fully interoperable with other IRDs making it ideal for mission critical trunking and ad-hoc applications. 
The EN-91 offers amazing features and specifications in its 1-RU chassis, including redundant AC power supplies, enhanced control and monitoring via its front panel, browser and SNMP. In addition to encoding audio, the EN-91 pass-through support includes PCM, DolbyE (16 and 20 bit) and Dolby AC3 (2.0 and 5.1 ).


    • Automatic SD & HD Detection
    • AVC 4:2:2 Video Encoding
    • Copper & CVBS Video Interfaces
    • 1, 2 & 3 Frame End-to-End Latency
    • Sixteen (16) Channels of Audio Encoding via embedded SDI
    • Timecode, Captions, Teletext, and other VBI support​
    • At Home Production
    • Video Delivery over IP
    • Concurrent ASI and IP delivery for multipath transmission
    • Up to eight pairs of audio encoding.
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