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Diamond AAV is a high performance, broadcast quality, composite video and balanced stereo audio 16 x 16 routing matrix.
Delivers excellent video response: high bandwidth, very low differential gain and phase, virtually no distortion and practically no crosstalk.
Audio response is also outstanding, very low THD and exceptional bandwidth. Optionally audio circuitry includes a per cross point level, gain and attenuation, control which can be remotely set in dB.
Diamond Analog Router can be ordered in its video only (-V), audio mono (-AV) or stereo (-AAV) options.
Router is controlled trough RS-232 or IP interfaces by means of remote control panel (URC), SNMP or its internal Web Browser. A PC automation software is also provided.


    • Video and Audio Wideband circuitries
    • Vertical Interval Switching
    • Video absence detection 
    • Very Low DG, DP and distortions
    • Balanced Stereo Audio Inputs / Outputs
    • Wide range audio level control
    • Very Low THD
    • External Remote Control
    • Serial (RS-232) and Ethernet (SNMP and internal Web Browser) control
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