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Blue V-E

This rugged, high reliable low cost group of instruments was designed to measure any kind of audio normally found in broadcast and production facilities; in this case, Blue V-E,  operates on audio embedded into a SDI stream.

Both channels are shown simultaneously in their 40 LEDs / channel arc shaped array where average and peak levels and channel sum and difference are displayed.

Blue V-E, due to the format of the signals involved (3G / HD / SD SDI), also requires user selection of the pair of channels to be de embedded and measured; analog version of this pair is provided for standard monitoring (line and headphone ready outputs).

This flexible family is the perfect choice for technical and operational audio monitoring in all broadcast

Blue V-E

    • HD / SD SDI Embedded Audio
    • Equalization and reclocking input stages
    • Stereo, any pair any group, front panel selected
    • -39 dB to 0 dB scale
    • 1 dB / LED
    • Loudness, Peak and Peak Hold measuring modes
    • Analog Monitoring Output
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