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Our Automatic Infrastructure Monitoring is a high performance versatile fault recovery system which, working along with proprietary and /or third party hardware, has the power to monitor   different points in an Audio/Video/RF/Satellite signal path, analyze the overall status and operate accordingly to keep the system alive.               

Fully user programmable this powerful software sequentially scans for accurate status acquisition in different points of a broadcast facility, verifies the value of the different parameters by checking them against user defined thresholds, or at user request, waits for SNMP traps.
Should a problem happen, according to user defined rules, the system triggers the programmed event or events to solve the issue, such as switching RF or SDI / ASI routers, enable and disable agile modulators, reprogram multiplexers, etc.

It can connect a full back up chain or simply replace the failing unit or units; it is all left up to user decision and can be changed by simply editing in the response set up screen the corresponding event on alarm detection.

Alarm, warnings and emergency set points or thresholds are fully programmable; measurements can be performed by the system (reading the different instruments) or simply receiving the traps leaving the decision to the instruments themselves. This behavior is programmable, too.

If waiting for traps strategy is chosen, a full status refresh may be programmed to be performed every certain period.

Integrated to communicate (control, etc.) a typical broadcast environment (Radio, TV stations, unattended sites, CATV facilities, etc) the system runs around our products and / or from the companies we partner with.


    • Signal Level, FM Deviation and Audio Level measurement
    • Stereo and RDS pilots presence detection
    • RDS decoding
    • Alarms with user programmable thresholds
    • Front panel for local control
    • IP interface operation for SNMP and Web browser control
    • Programmable automatic operation
    • Compatible with our AIM High software
    • GPRS or Sat phone SMS communication  back up
    • Analog and Digital Inputs for General Purpose Monitoring
    • Additional dedicated Temperature Measurement Input
    • External Temperature Probe included
    • Additional dedicated Tx Mains Supply Monitoring input
    • Digital Outputs for General Purpose Control of the Tx Site
    • RS-232 and Secondary LAN IP port for third party equipment communication
    • Redundant Power Supplies
    • 1 RU
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